As ABM adoption spreads, marketers find new value in data-driven insights

For the second year in a row, Foundry’s survey of 500 B2B technology marketers found that satisfaction with ABM continues to be high. With 96% of respondents stating that their organization has a documented ABM strategy, the results indicate that ABM is on track to not only become a mainstream marketing discipline but even displace more traditional methods. 

New to this year's survey is research on the use of intent data, which is information collected about web content consumption that provides insights into buyers’ interests. It was found that 91% of marketers use intent data to identify what content should be served within ABM campaigns. To find out more research, download the white paper today.

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  • The workings of ABM, its evolution, and adoption
  • How ABM efforts are performing relative to traditional marketing tactics
  • How intent data is used to fuel ABM programs
  • The success and challenges marketers see with both ABM and intent

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