Understand the Central Role of the Network
& Growth of Networking Technologies 

To position their organization for future growth, IT decision-makers are eyeing several new technologies. This executive summary, based on the 2020 State of the Network research, looks at the current status of networking technologies such as 5G, SD-WAN and edge computing, and the benefits or challenges they are expected to bring to organizations. Within the study, the results find that networking professionals are actively collaborating with their business management colleagues by attending weekly meetings and having their advice sought and acknowledged, confirming the central role the network and networking technologies play within organizations.  


2020 Executive Summary cover

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check_icon.png The collaborative relationship that networking professionals have with business management

check_icon.png The networking technologies that currently have the most interest/adoption levels - network security monitoring, server consolidation and WAN optimization.

check_icon.png How organizations are implementing 5G and the expected use cases of this technology.

check_icon.png Whether or not organizations have edge computing plans, as well as the security concerns that networking professionals feel are tied to edge.

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