With complexity growing, IT decision-makers enlist vendors to help smooth the process

Based on Foundry's 2023 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker research, this white paper outlines the tech purchases that are likely to be made, who's involved in these decisions, and the information sources they rely on.

This global research of 846 IT decision-makers is a valuable resource for tech vendors to understand the decisions made around their products and services to gain an advantage in this competitive landscape. To assist technology marketers as they plan out their strategies for the future, we've detailed the findings in this white paper. 


Download the white paper to get deeper insight into:

  • How technology budgets remain strong, despite the uncertain economy.
  • Who is involved in each stage of the tech purchase process and how many individuals make up the tech buying committee. 
  • The information sources that ITDMs rely on throughout the purchase process.
  • What prompts ITDMs to seek a new vendor for a technology purchase. 
  • Content preferences among different generations (Boomers vs. GenX vs. Millennials vs. GenZ)
  • Regional-specific research findings from  North America, EMEA, and APAC.


Download resource: