The ultimate guide to lead generation

Understanding the nuances of the tech sector is crucial for developing effective
lead generation strategies that resonate with potential customers.

Whether you are a startup looking to establish your presence or an established company seeking to expand your customer base, understanding your target customer—who they are and what they need to succeed—is fundamental to attracting and engaging leads that will fuel your business growth.

Foundry's Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation looks at ways to help marketers understand tech buyers and how to engage them with effective lead generation strategies, and how sales follow up impacts those efforts. This guide shares exclusive research, how-to insights, and case studies — all for you!  

16 pages — includes charts and tables (12 minute read)

Ultimate guide to lead generation

Download for tips on how to:

  • Define your ideal customer profile
    to best target and engage your audience.
  • Apply intent data early for a complete understanding of your potential customer's preferences. 
  • Target the entire buying committee as the purchase process becomes more complex with tailored content.
  • Create content that is most relied upon for each stage of the purchase process. 
  • Provide a customized nurture approach through email tactics.

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