2023 IT Buying Trends Reshaping B2B Sales

Episode 5: December 6, 2022

In this session, ICT expert Rick Villars (Group VP, Worldwide Research, IDC) and host John Gallant (Enterprise Consulting Director, Foundry) reviewed the key drivers of the biggest changes to IT budgets, spending, and needs in the near and medium-term future.

Watch it on-demand now to learn from Rick's landmark research examining the behind-the-scenes expectations of hundreds of the world's leading IT executives. 

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Key Themes
  • How marketers can create competitive advantage by understanding new needs around skills shortages and digital sovereignty
  • Why companies' spending on digital technology will grow at 8x the economy in 2023
  • How companies are reallocating budgets to provide their own as-a-service offerings, and how much external spend will change

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