The client

A leading provider of backup and recovery for SaaS applications, they help enterprise-class organizations protect their information in the cloud.

Client challenge

The client was looking for a lead generation program that could incorporate fresh content and help high quality leads quickly navigate through the purchase funnel for closed business.

Campaign objective

Identify qualified individuals interested in Office 365 and G Suite backup and guide them across multiple pieces of content. Advance quick scoring leads directly to the client’s sales team.

Program strategy & solution

Using a variety of personalized branded content, Foundry curated a unique content journey to identify and accelerate engaged prospects among the client’s target audience of users interested in Office 365 and G Suite backup and quickly move them through the funnel. The content experience encouraged readers to consume a variety of content in one sitting. High quality leads were delivered to the client on a weekly basis with a velocity index that measured how many pieces of content readers cycled through. Additional reporting showcased the number of assets the users read, along with asset titles, sessions and time spent. To ensure that we provided the client with both qualified and highly engaged leads, Foundry implemented the following:

  • Targeted promotions
  • Contextual alerts
  • Marketing copy
  • Content refresh mid-way through the program
  • Sophisticated email nurture (for users with lower engagement) 

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Program information

  • Event dates: July 2019 through September 2019
  • KPIs: Leads delivered
  • Audience: Users interested in Office365 and G Suite backup
  • Type of program: PEP lead generation