“We worked with Foundry to design marketing programs aligned to our strategy. Through Visionayr and Foundry's granular targeting capabilities, we generated quality top of the funnel demand across Asia Pacific. ” 

  – Zon Lim, Former Head of B2B Industry & Marketing, Asia Middle East & Africa, Logitech


Tailored Solutions

In order to meet precise parameters involving geography, persona, vertical, ABM and install base targeting, Logitech turned to Foundry’s first-party database of 150M+ global B2B records. 


Foundry’s digital-only syndication methods placed content in front of key decision makers and qualified leads based on 100% digital, organic engagement through the unique customer experiences made possible by the Visionayr platform. 


Leads based on having met specific and multi-touch engagement thresholds were delivered on a weekly basis – enabling Logitech to funnel data based on buyer intent and level of self-nurture. 


Quantifiable Results

The results speak for themselves, with 8000 digitally engaged leads and $1M influenced pipeline made possible thanks to targeted ABM, install base accounts and strategic content syndication layered with quality intent data. 


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