Explore Neon, Foundry's B2B tech purchase intent data solution

Let Foundry highlight the right buyers for your solutions with Neon! This B2B intent data solution uses never-before-released Foundry 1st party data to identify trending accounts. Whether you want to incorporate this intent data into your data set, or let us target these accounts with your messaging and fill your sales pipeline, we have the right option for you to connect with the right buyers at the right time at a regional or global level.  

How Neon stands out:
  • Unmatched B2B intent data: Not all data is equal, and 1st party data from Foundry is based on contextually relevant experiences and research. Foundry's global brands — including CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, and Network World — are trusted informational resources that fuel Neon intent scores.
  • Human verified data: Having a conversation about a technology, or attending an event, demonstrates a high commitment and intent. Neon incorporates these activities into the intent score, fueling your team with the ammunition they need to connect with the right accounts. 
  • B2B intent based advertising: At the intersection of media and MarTech, Foundry can scale your Neon package by surrounding trending accounts with your messaging as well as deliver leads for your sales team.  
  • Unified reporting: The dynamic dashboard provides a unified look at trending accounts and additional campaign attributes. 

Typical intent based data solutions work by identifying surging interest in topics using behavioral traffic patterns on web sites. Foundry Neon expands upon the surge data practice by integrating verified data from personal interactions with technology audiences across events, conversations, and surveys alongside topical data from B2B technology decision-makers across the largest proprietary network of digital tech publications globally.

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