Client challenge

Executive buy-in

The team needed executive buy-in to allow its ABM program to flourish, and to achieve this, the team needed to get the sales and marketing organization to function as one unit. One of the benefits of ABM is its ability to foster sales and marketing alignment. The alignment between sales and marketing serves as the catalyst for a successful ABM program, and the roots of sustained profitability. Once sales and marketing coordinated their goals, the executives at Treasure Data supported its ABM initiatives. To keep executives engaged, the team reports on its ABM progress with executives in quarterly status reports.

ABM platform

Before onboarding with Foundry, Treasure Data worked with another ABM platform to achieve their goals. Despite their best efforts, ultimately the ABM program had limited scope and the team needed a platform that could scale accordingly. Unable to activate intent data and target large accounts with personalized messaging, the team quickly outgrew the capabilities of its previous platform, ultimately forging a partnership with Foundry's extensive ABM platform.

ABM solution

Treasure Data started their ABM journey with just 30 target accounts in the beginning of 2020. By 2022 the team was engaging with more than a thousand target accounts. The Treasure Data team leverages banner messaging, Smart Pages™, and web overlays to customize the customer experience with the target accounts. They also utilize Foundry's ABM analytics module for a 360 vantage point on all of the accounts.
Foundry's dashboards help the team monitor target accounts and send sales alerts when an account is spiking, enabling sales to deliver the right messaging at the right time. The team engages spiking accounts with a variety of relevant content including; reports, white papers, videos, self-assessments, guides, and invitations to special events.

Customer campaign

Sales and marketing worked together to identify their top 24 accounts prime for cross-sell or upsell. In Phase 1 of the campaign, the team ran ads promoting products that aligned with the customer whitespace to gauge each account’s interest. In Phase 2, marketing evaluated the engagement from Phase 1, and selected a product to double-down-on after sales validated the data and engagement from each target account.

Managed services

With the help of managed services offered from Foundry's CS team, Treasure Data is able to run highly personalized ads to audiences in four separate verticals. This saves the sales and marketing teams valuable time and increases its ABM programs overall efficiency.


Shortly after launching their ABM program Treasure Data saw the benefits of its new ABM strategy. Initially they started to measure MQAs generated from ABM efforts, and engaged Triblio’s managed services for managing multiple campaigns with a large target account list effectively.

In Q2 2022, Treasure Data’s ads run by Foundry's managed services performed 4x better than the industry average. In addition to an impressive average CTR of 3.35% for in target verticals. During this timeframe, Treasure Data saw 100% of accounts within its target audience turned into web visitors.

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The client

Treasure Data is a customer data cloud solution that drives business value with connected customer experiences. Account-based strategy for Treasure Data officially started at the beginning of 2020, when the company initiated focus on supporting core industry verticals.


"Foundry proved to be multiple systems in one; we used to have different systems to track our web engagement, enrich the contact data, and ABM ad serving needs."

- Steven Tsao, Demand Generation Leader, Treasure Data

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