Visionayr can deliver branded experiences, track lead engagement with your content and build solid business-to-buyer relationships from the first touch.

Promote your content in an all-digital environment that encourages engagement and guides prospects through every step in the buyer journey - resulting in qualified buyers that contribute to a larger, more accurate sales pipeline.

With over 150M+ global records being monitored, refreshed, and enriched daily, our first-party database aligns to your ideal customer personas, ABM strategies, install-base requirements, and intent thresholds to support all tiers of your demand generation and sales strategies — globally.

Core benefits:

  • Hosts multiple content formats (PDF, PPT, video, audio)
  • Customizable, ungated experience
  • Can integrate with lead generation management systems
  • Additional engagement opportunities
  • Supports countless local languages
  • GDPR compliant
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Hand off your content to our team, and we’ll share it with your audience via Visionayr, in an interactive, user-friendly environment that keeps them close to your brand and encourages engagement.

Real Results

"What we loved about Visionayr was the ability to curate content that guided our audience on a journey. The engagement we’re seeing is helping inform us about what our audience truly wants to hear and see, and has helped us meet growth demands like increasing MQLs by 30%"

Amy Horgan, Director of North America Marketing, Dynatrace

Dynatrace Case Study

With Foundry’s content syndication platform Visionayr, Dynatrace not only exceeded targets with over 450 digitally engaged MQLs, but drove opportunities across the pipeline that led to measurable revenue growth.

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3 Times Account-based Marketing Won

When ABM tactics are executed properly, they can directly contribute to ROI and improve customer relationships. In this guide, learn how 3 of our clients used these proven tactics to plan and execute successful ABM.

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