Almost 80% of B2B marketers use content marketing to generate leads.

Yet 64% of them struggle to attribute ROI to these same efforts.​ With APAC controlling a 42% market share of the global content marketing industry, this region is advantageously positioned as a key driver of growth in this area, now is the time to amplify your existing content marketing efforts. With Visionayr from Foundry, qualified leads based on purely organic, digital engagement can unlock the potential of your existing content to ultimately yield a stronger pipeline.

26% of Visionayr leads organically self-nurture

Visionayr’s brand-safe resource hub hosts all of your content in an ungated experience to allow buyers from your target accounts to self-nurture in a single setting. Drive leads through your marketing funnel that are:

100% organically engaged

Never outsourced: Tap into the potential of 100% first party data points consisting entirely of APAC decision makers

Discover the value that content marketing can and should drive with Visionayr, the only 100% digital approach to lead gen that rewards meaningful engagement and turns qualified leads into loyal customers.

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