Insight into the CIO's role & priorities

In its 21st year, the 2022 State of the CIO research provides an understanding of how the role of the CIO continues to evolve in today’s business climate and helps define the CIO agenda for 2022.

This webcast, presented by CIO and the CIO Executive Council, hosted by John Gallant, Enterprise Consulting Director at CIO, shares findings from this latest CIO benchmarking research. John is joined by Bess Healy, SVP, Chief Information Officer at Synchrony and Matt Lasmanis, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Sage Therapeutics, who offer their first-hand perspectives as it relates to the results of the survey.

Key takeaways:

  • CIOs wear many hats: 74% of CIOs say their role was elevated due to the pandemic and this visibility within the organization is expected to continue. 

  • Security management is a top priority for IT leaders: 51% of CIOs said they are currently focusing on security management, which is their #1 task and is up from 44% last year.

  • CIOs are navigating the hybrid work environment: 73% of CIOs say that remote and hybrid work have increased the stress on IT support staff and services.

  • CIOs anticipate to hire a variety of skills in 2022: Cybersecurity & data science are the top two skills IT leaders anticipate to hire this year, and they also happen to be the most challenging to fill. 

Watch the full webcast to learn first-hand what CIOs are saying about their goals and initiatives. 

Watch the webcast: